Gym Employee Charged With Secretly Recording Partly Nude Women

Muskegon County Prosecutor DJ Hilson said that there could be several more victims. You have to be cautious about your surroundings in particular in these particular areas, where you know your able to take your clothes off. Like I said, cameras these days are very very small and you just have to protect yourself and be careful, said Hilson. Valerie Collis has been a member of the Planet Fitness on Henry Street for a few months. She said that several members are on edge after learning of the alleged cell phone videos. You assume privacy because most woman tan with very little on, so you assume that you have the privacy in that space, Max Workouts for women and to hear that he violated that, its freaky, said Collis. Collis said that the staff at the gym are friendly and helpful, and Jannegna in no way represents the staff.


Health Special: Flat Tummy Fast!

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